“A new original Master of Horror, very representative of a new generation riddled with multiple influences. Between Stephen King and Quentin Tarantino, Daph Nobody brings us to dark smiles and lost highways, where every common event turns upside down around the corner, where every neighbor is a potential door to the Unknown, where reality is taken hostage and locked up in the deepest areas of madness. Mixing different genres and styles, from western to poetry, from diary-tone to news-report, Nobody portrays a world of extremes, winking at bloodsellers and painlickers, putting on special glasses tinted with cold empathy and burning irony. Playing with language as he plays with his characters, in a puppet-master way, the author makes a special contribution to the imaginary side of perception, not to mention his propensity for the grotesque caricatures worthy of Lewis Carroll’s universe. No wonder some European critics compare him to Shakespeare and to H.P. Lovecraft, to a certain extent. 

This collection of rather-long short stories (seven, as the seven deadly sins) is an entertaining program but also a tense and frightening experience. Daph Nobody is a showman as well as a brain surgeon, a fascinating blend in storytelling, with, as a result, a sociological and psycho-medical painting of humanity in the 21st century. The years spent on film sets and stages as an actor, a screenwriter and an actor coach, are obviously at the root of his visual approach and character-driven patterns. The Redrum Diaries (vol. 1) – The Naked Darkness: a first opus that foreshadows a long remarkable career for this new European author, who is now preparing the shooting of several short and long feature films, while the second volume of The Redrum Diaries is about to be released. To be followed…” 

J.-P.R., Lib, December 2005. 



“The birth of a real fantasy writer. Nobody has all the qualities needed to be one: creating an atmosphere, honouring a sense of tradition, juggling with the surprise effects, mastering the art of graduation, and above all, he has the great capacity to hook the reader from the very first line.” 

Bruno Peeters, about The Naked Darkness, in Phénix Magazine, August 2004 


« (…) if a writer knows where he/she’s heading, he/she will naturally take care over the launching. (…) Here are three excellent starting points that show you that the author knows exactly where he wants to take the reader, giving the audience a clear indication of the kind of journey about to begin.” 

Alain Pelosato, essay in Science-Fiction Magazine, June 11th 2006 


« A surrealist Finale. Boris Vian isn’t dead, after all. » 

Pierre Piras, about ‘Blue & Yellow’, on Judaïca.Fm Radio, June 21st 2006 


« No old-fashioned ironmongery: Rock ‘n Roll, Cocaine, David Lynch, time and space dilating, diffraction of feelings and sensations, disintegration of the mind. (…) It’s all written with an AK (…) with the blind cruelty of a drug dealer.” 

Jean-Claude Vantroyen, in Le Soir, August 11th 2006 


« (…) his stories are laced with fantasy, a spurt of blood and a potful of fear.” 

Isabelle Monnart, in La Dernière Heure, August 18th 2006 


« Here is an author with a fertile and wild imagination, able to portray the weirdest characters ever.” 

Anne-Sophie Chevalier, in Metro, August 18th 2006 


« Daph Nobody, the Poet of Horror (…) came to literature the way some people turn to religion: with faith, fervour and verve. (…) With almost systematically, as a starting point, an ordinary realistic situation – “reality is rich enough” –, he brings the psychological density of his characters to its peak.” 

Guy Bernard, in Bravo Uccle, September 6th 2006 


« With Daph Nobody’s stories, you’re pushed off the signposted paths of the Judeo-Christian society, to enter the luxuriant forest of the deepest horror without any way out. There is a strong concern on the psychological, psychiatric domain, in relation with the characters lost in themselves, oppressed by their own world and driven to the Unreal side. (…) Because his flowing style almost immediately wraps you up in fright, and because the original features of his stories keep surprising you page after page, Daph Nobody is definitely one of these authors to keep in view.” 

Sébastien Morgan, Wolvendael, November 2006 


« Nobody invites us to a trip in worlds crowded with human demons, transitional fogs and thinking objects. (…) He enjoys manipulating our nightmares and our most unconfessed desires. (…) A book that should occupy a place of honour on your bedside table.” 

Enzo, Fun Radio, 1er November 2006 


“If you like shivers and blood, you will probably enjoy this collection of stories from Daph Nobody, mixing classical fantasy and horror in the purest filmic tradition where madness holds the remote control (…) In Lights from Beyond, the second volume of The Redrum Diaries, the author tells us seven stories that hang together well, full-fear guaranteed.” 

Céline Reygrobellet, Steps Magazine, November 2006 


« Daph Nobody is sailing in the dark waters of a daily life that is doomed to break the rules of rationality and to become eerie. » 

Chris Corthouts, Radio Nostalgie, December 27th 2006 


« We all know that we have, in Belgium, among the biggest masters in fantasy literature: Jean Ray (Malpertuis, adapted for the screen by Harry Kümel, starring Orson Welles), Thomas Owen… and then, the tradition suddenly stops, with no new author to take over. Well, it’s isn’t completely true. Tonight, I’m happy to have, as a very special guest on this set, Mister Daph Nobody.” 

(…) his style is closer to the American’s (…) astonishing and violent (…) departing from the Manichean, Christian conception of good and evil.” 

Dominique Brynaert and Stéphanie Meyer, Brussels TV, January 9th 2007 



“Nightmares are part of your biography, because that’s what you actually live from nightfall to sunrise.” 

Daph Nobody 


APRIL 2001 : Award winner of the First Prize in Storytelling, with the short-story entitled Blue and Yellow on a famous website (Giles Daoust). 

MARS 2002 : Award winner of the “Voyage en Ville” Fantasy Literature Contest at the Brussels Festival of Fantasy Literature, with a short story entitled An Eternal Replay (ULB, BIFFF, Communauté Française) 

MARS 2003 : Nominated for an award at the “Train d’Enfer” Brussels Fantasy Literature Contest, with a short story entitled Train d’Enfer (La Maison du Livre / BIFFF / FNAC / Communauté Française) 

NOVEMBRE 2007 : Nominated for the Tournai City Three-Yearly Prize for French Literature, with the second volume of The Redrum Diaries: Lights from Beyond. 





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